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Please feel free to contact us for solutions to technological problems in the areas that we specialize in. This section gives a brief overview of the type of work done by us. If your problem is similar to any of the following, we can assure you of quality services.

Crash Analysis of Vehicles

Simulating crash situations helps to estimate the injury caused to occupants as well as pedestrians. The team has developed extensive simulations for car crashes, motor cycle crashes as well as for the Bajaj three wheelers. The team includes consultants to the Japan Automobile Research Institute, for whom they have been doing extensive simulation work for the last about 5 years.

Some of the projects done by the group are as follows:

The extracts give an indication of the type of simulations carried out. Full details can not be disclosed due to confidentiality agreements in force with the clients.

Human Body Testing and Model Validation

Over the last few years, at the Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Program (TRIPP), at IIT Delhi, we have been doing extensive work in the area of safety analysis with emphasis on doing computer simulations of vehicle crashes. This work is highly interdisciplinary and needs an input from various disciplines like Mechanical Engineering, Biomechanics, Computer Science etc. At the TRIPP expertise in all these areas is available enabling us to carry out this inter-disciplinary research. Development of human dummy as well as human body FE models is closely related to this activity. We have been using available human body / dummy models and have also worked on extending the available models. The need of more data on the behavior of the human body under impact conditions is known, and it is this need that forms the basis of the origin of this work.

The main objective of the current work is to generate data about the dynamic properties of the human body tissues. This data would include mechanical properties under impact conditions and their variations with strain rate and the energy of the impact. The specific tissues that will be targetted in this study are the tissues of the limbs.

Please download a brief write-up in pdf format giving a short description of some of the projects that have been taken up (or are being taken up) by us.

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