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Hindustan Studies and Services Ltd. (formerly known as Hindustan Snacks Ltd) was incorporated on 23 March 1992, with an authorised share capital of Rs sixty million. Initially, the company undertook marketing of various food products including edible oils, salt, tea, pickles, sugar etc.

After gaining experience of selling, distribution and promotion of products, we changed direction and reinvented ourselves as a research and consultancy organization.

We take pride in our grassroots experience. We started as businessmen and retain that genetic code in our blood. In simple terms, that means - no high flowing jargon, no voluminous reports, nothing that is of no use to a practical down-to-earth business enterprise.

Notwithstanding the simplicity of approach, we have a philosophy that guides our actions.

HOLISTIC or GESTALTIC vision with humanistic bias is the basis of our philosophy.

The holistic vision leads to an interdisciplinary approach. The methodology of any study is to first define the purpose and thereafter to use all possible methods and expertise. Hence, a study of the Meat Market of India takes into account expected GDP growth rate, sociological patterns, political realities, technology of meat processing, data from veterinary department etc. This approach needs an extensive knowledge base which is constantly updated.

We believe in striving for excellence in all that we do. Benchmarking against the highest standards of consultancy practice is an enduring passion. Strict adherence to schedules and satisfying every client fully with a value-for-money proposition is almost a religion for us.

While our primary focus is Strategic Research, foods, dairy, meat etc., we are also active in the field of Technology Development. Please click on the link below and see what we have on offer.

We guarantee

    Quality of work comparable to the best in the world

    Simplicity and Clarity

    An Unbiased Neutral Reporting

    Strategic Perspective

    Strict Adherence to Time Schedules

Please contact us at info@hindustanstudies.com
or hindustanstudies@gmail.com