Hindustan Studies & Services Ltd.

Strategic Macro Research

We help you understand India and Asia.

We understand India, Indian business, Indian markets, Indian laws and Indian ethos.

We also study other Asian countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines etc.

We do Strategic Business Research taking macroeconomic holistic view.

We have done significant work in the field of Foods, Beverages and Ingredients. Our primary focus is dairy and meat.

We take pride in delivering quality comparable to the best in the world.

Simplicity, clarity and aversion to jargon are our hallmarks.

We never lose holistic strategic perspective of client's business and needs.

Anil Chawla, Director

Bachelor of Technology (Mech. Eng.) from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Bachelor of Laws, Insolvency Professional

Author of many articles and books. Public Speaker.

Yogita Pant, Director

Bachelor of Arts (Management)

Master of Personnel Management

Bachelor of Laws, Insolvency Professional

About Us

We understand business and we understand your needs, compulsions and pressures.
We talk your language - simple, jargon-free, clear and crisp.
If you want reliable and relevant data for taking vital decisions, you can count on us.
We add value to data by our analytic skills, holistic approach and multi-disciplinary expertise.
We do substantial work related to all aspects of foods and beverages industry especially dairy and meat.
Our specialization is India. We understand India.
Experience of more than two and a half decades serving European companies.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Hindustan Studies & Services Ltd

Registered Office: MF-104, Ajay Tower, E5/1 (Commercial), Arera Colony, BHOPAL - 462 016, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA