Hindustan Studies & Services Ltd.

We are a research and consultancy company providing services to clients across the globe.

We understand India, Indian business, Indian markets, Indian laws and Indian ethos.

Our primary business is Strategic Business Research. We have done significant work in the field of Foods, Beverages and Ingredients. Our primary focus is dairy and meat. But, we also work in other fields.

Serving clients with sincerity, commitment and honesty is our passion.

We take pride in delivering quality comparable to the best in the world.

Simplicity, clarity and aversion to jargon are our hallmarks.

We never lose holistic strategic perspective of client's business and needs.

We consider time schedules as sacrosanct.

We publish every two months a free e-magazine about Indian livestock, dairy, meat, poultry and aquaculture sectors. Please download a recent issue.

Please contact us at info@hindustanstudies.com
or hindustanstudies@gmail.com